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Partition Magic Windows 7 Software - Manage Your Hard Drive Partition Safely

Windows 7, launched on July 22, 2009, is the latest release of Microsoft Windows operating system for use on personal computers. If you would like to upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 or install Windows 7 on the partition that originally holds Windows XP, you are very likely to encounter the problem that the partition size is too small to install Windows 7, then you may call Windows 7 Partition Magic Software to mind.

Besides, after using Windows 7 for some time, you may also encounter the issue that the space of system partition C drive becomes full and needs to be enlarged, or you want to split one big partition to create more partitions for different usages. Then you need Partition Magic for Windows 7.

Windows 7 built-in disk partition utility

Compare with Windows 2000/XP, Windows 7 Disk Management snap-in includes a number of new features as its predecessor, Windows Vista. It has the ability to shrink volume and extend volume, but some advanced partition management in Windows 7 Disk Management is still unavailable, especially, it cannot move partition, so you have to delete the partitions between the unallocated space and the partition you want to extend.

Users who are unwilling to backup data and delete partitions have to look for some magic partition manager software for Windows 7. Partition Assistant, all-in-one hard disk partition solution and system performance optimization tool for Windows-based administration, fully supports Windows 7 (SP1 included). As the latest Partition Magic Windows 7 software, it can help you partition Windows 7 easily and safely.

Partition Magic Windows 7 Software Vs. Windows 7 Disk Management Snap-in

The following table describes the main features supported by Partition Magic Windows 7 software and lists the limitations of Windows 7 built-in Disk Management.

Features Partition Assistant Pro Windows 7 Disk Management
  Move partition
  Copy partition & disk
  Extend/Shrink NTFS partition
  Extend/Shrink FAT partition
  Merge partitions; merge unallocated space
  Allocate free space from one partition to another
  Extend NTFS system partition without rebooting
  Convert to primary partition; convert to logical partition
  Create, delete, format partition; change drive letter
  Hide/unhide, label, check, wipe partition

So the above is the main differences between Partition Magic Windows 7 software - Partition Assistant Pro and Windows 7 Disk Management snap-in. You may click here to check more detailed features.

Easy-to-use interface and enhanced data protection

With user-friendly interface and handy wizards, all features of Partition Magic Windows 7 software are easy to handle. At the same time, to avoid improper manipulation, any operations will not be saved to hard disk partition immediately. All of them will be kept in "Pending Operations" until you click "Apply" button on the toolbar. Below is this Partition Magic Windows 7 software - Partition Assistant Pro's main interface:

Partition Magic Windows 7

Now you can free download demo edition of Partition Magic Windows 7 software and test out.

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