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Increase the Virtual Disk Size of Virtual Machine in VMware

If you are reading this guide, most probably you will know what VMware is. But just in case let me tell a few words about it. VMware is a virtualization software provided by VMware, Inc. It allows you to create virtual machine (completely isolated guest operating system installation within your normal host operating system) for experimenting and avoiding dual, triple or multiboot systems.

When the disk space cannot accommodate data storage requirements that have changed since the creation of the virtual disk, the first thing that comes to ones mind is to increase the size of a virtual disk. However, this job is not easy for people who never do such thing. So this article provides you with step by step tutorial on how to increase disk size in VMware.

How to increase VMware disk size?

Confirm the following before increasing VMware disk size:

  • Power off your virtual machine.
  • Delete your all snapshots with Snapshot Manager (Ctrl+M).
Note: To avoid accidental incidents, backing up your virtual machine before increasing the size of a virtual disk is recommended.

The following is the screenshot of the current VMware virtual Disk 0, 60GB. There are two partitions, C: drive for system and D: partition for data. Now I want to increase disk size to 90GB, and then extend system partition C drive.

Step1: Open "Start" menu. Click "Run" and type "cmd" in the text box and then hit the "Enter" key.

Step2: Assuming your VMware installation is in the default location. In the pop-up "command prompt", type or paste the following command:

"C:/Program Files/VMware/vmware-vdiskmanager.exe" –x 90GB "xx.vmdk"

Note: Replace 90GB with the actual virtual disk size that you want. Replace "xx.vmdk" with the full path to the virtual machine's virtual disk.

After that, launch your VMware and power on your Virtual Machine. You will find the VMware virtual disk size has been increased. The new added space locates at the end of the virtual disk and shows as unallocated space.

To allocate unallocated space to existing partitions, you have to repartition the virtual disk. As Partition Magic alternative, Partition Assistant is a powerful and reliable VMware Virtual Machine virtual disk partition manager which lets you resize/move virtual disk partition without losing data.

How to extend system partition with unallocated space in VMware?

Step1: Choose the right edition and install it. Then, launch Partition Assistant Server.

Step2: Select D partition. Position the mouse pointer on D partition and drag it to the right.

Step3: Select system partition (C drive). Position the mouse pointer on the right side and drag the slider bar rightwards to merge unallocated space into system partition as shown below.

Step4: The extended system partition can be previewed. To save the changes, please click "Apply".

Step5: A window will pop up, listing the detailed operations. Click "Proceed" to perform.

The ultimate goal of increasing VMware virtual disk size is to extend partition or create new partition. Now you can free download demo version of this VMware partition manager and try.

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