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Partition Magic Software Technical Questions

We're now gathering more technical questions on this page and will update it soon. Besides, if you have any problem, please contact support@partition-magic.org, and we will do our best to answer it.

Technical Questions

Before resizing/moving my partition, what should I do?

1. Please close all other applications including the antivirus software and the firewall prior to running our product.

2. Please right click the partition which you want to resize in "My Computer", and click "Properties" > "Tools" > "Defragmentation", and then click "Defragment Now…"; Please right click the partition which you want to resize, and then click "Properties" > "Tools" > "Error-checking" > "Check Now…". Tick both options and click "Start" to continue.

3. If there are too many data on the partition that needs to be moved, it will take a long time to do that, so we recommend you to firstly move your data to another space manually; and after the resize operation is completed, you can restore the data back then. It also can protect your data.

4. If possible, please backup all your important data.

Do I need to reboot in order to resize partition on my hard drive?

Our product allows you to extend NTFS system partition without rebooting. However, it might require you to reboot if the partition involved in the operation contains live applications. In this case, after you click "Proceed", it prompts you to click "Retry" to close all running programs.

What will happen after I click "Restart Now" and after all the operations are complete?

After you click the "Restart Now" button, all operations will be performed under "PreOS Mode". You can see the progress of the program work on the screen, and after all the operations are complete, the computer is booted into Windows as usual.

What should I do if the program seems to stop running?

Generally, it may take a long time to resize or move your partition under the circumstance of bad sectors, large data size or low memory, etc. For data protection, please do not shut down or restart your computer directly if the resizing process seems to stop running, instead, please check whether the indicator light of the disk is still blinking or not, if so, our program is still running. Therefore, we suggest you wait some hours patiently and see whether the situation would be better.

How do I avoid data or partition loss during partitioning?

To avoid any more such issues happen again, do backup your partition or disk with Disk & Partition Copy Wizard before any partition changes. We strongly suggest you not to use our product under following conditions:

1. If there is any possibility of power failure at your home or office;

2. Termination of our product during partitioning process;

3. Too many bad sectors on the disk;

Does Partition Magic Software work in RAID environment?

Yes, as a RAID Partition Manager, our product works well with all hardware RAID levels and controllers. You can perform all available operations with partitions located on RAID arrays (virtual disks) without any special precautions.

Does Partition Magic Software work with VMware virtual machine?

Yes, our product supports all types of VMware virtual disk partitioning, including VMware Server, Workstation, Player and ESX, etc. Learn more: Resize VMware Virtual Disk (VMDK) Partition for Windows Guest.

Can Partition Magic Software support dynamic disk?

Not yet, all the operations are based on basic disk. To manage dynamic disk, we recommend Dynamic Disk Manager.

How do I handle error code 12?

Error code 12 is caused by Device Manager. When the system start the Device Manager, it may load your device one by one, and then record the number of your device, when you reboot if the number of device is not same as the record, it may cause the error code 12. You’d better remove your USB removable disk or other external device before launching our product.

How do I handle error code 1004?

Error code 1004 is caused by some program (anti-virus software, paging file or firewall) accessing or residing the partition you want to resize, so the partition can not be locked. This problem may always appear on "Extend Partition Wizard". Please close all the anti-virus software and change the location of paging file before launching our product.

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