How to Wipe Hard Drive?

In some case, if there some secret information on your computer and you don't want other find it. However, only delete or format it without write new things to cover it, this is not safe enough. The disk you delete or format would become an unallocated space, and this space could be recovered by some data recovery software. So if the information which you don't want to see it forever you need not only to delete or format but also wipe hard drive. With the help of partition software, wipe hard drive could be an easy job without any risk. Let us see how to wipe hard drive.

Step1. Launch Partition Assistant Server, in the disk map, right-click the disk you want wipe, select "Wipe Hard Drive"

Wipe Hard Drive

Step2. In the pop-up window, you could choose the number of times to wipe hard drive, the click "OK"

Select times to wipe partition

Finally click "Apply" on the toolbar to finish our operation.

Now you will find the data will be erased completely even though other people use the data recovery software it would not be find back forever. OK now free download it and find more magic by yourself.

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