How to Hide/Unhide Partition?

There are many methods to protect the personal classified information or company secret document. Partition Assistant Server Edition, not only as one best partition manager but also plays the role of protection about the significant information on Windows Server OSs--hide partition which contains the important data.

Hide partition

  1. Launch Partition Assistant Server (our store offer local download the demo version, all of you can download it for test and further understanding). Right click the partition which we want to hide and choose "Advanced" →"Hide" option.

    Choose the partition need to hide

  2. The pop up window like below is reminding us the brief information about hide partition. Click "OK" to have a preview of the changes.

    Hide partition information

  3. Then, for the effective changes, we need another click on the toolbar. "Apply" means commit the changes to Aomei Partition Assistant Server Edition.

    Apply the change

Unhide partition

  1. Launch Aomei Partition Assistant Server Edition again, the hided partition also can be shown out and the drive letter was "*". Right click the hided partition, and choose "Advanced" →"Unhide" option.

    Choose the hided partition

  2. The next is the information about unhide partition, it shows to us is in order to let us have a full understanding about unhide partition. Click "OK" to continue.

    Unhide partition information

  3. The last key click is still on the toolbar "Apply" button which can change the operation into fact and do as above introduced.

So, several clicks accomplish the purpose of protect important data or partition. If you need extend system partition or have other some basic demands, hide partition or unhide partition also can be taken into practice.

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