How to Format Partition?

Format partition on Windows Server operating systems is also the additional feature put in Partition Assistant Server Edition. With it, format partition will not take much time.

  1. Launch Partition Assistant Server, we can directly choose "Format" option after right click the target partition in the main interface.

    Format partition

  2. After get the following pop up window which provides the detail information like Label, File System and Cluster Size, generally, we format the partition as default. Certainly, as we all know, format partition will lose all data, so, before format partition, make backups of the important data is needed. And then click "OK".

    Format partition information

  3. After the second step, the change will show out in advance however it does not mean format partition is done. That's only used for the change preview, if want to take format partition operation into effect, just click "Apply" on the toolbar to commit the change to Partition Assistant.

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