How to Extend System Partition?

For the basic computer performance maximization or the basic computer running speed, system partition plays the major role. However, the problem is system partition often become low disk space and brings the limitations lead computer running abnormally. Everyone knows the best solution is extending system partition, whereas what confused them is how to reach the task without reinstalling operating system?

With Partition Assistant Server Edition, we will found its simple working method without data losing on server.

  1. Lunch Partition Assistant Server, from the main interface, the detail disk/partition information shows out and we can choose "Extend Partition Wizard" on the sidebar to extend system partition because it is more easily to handle.

    Main interface with wizard

  2. The "Extend Partition Wizard" interface provide the options of extend system partition or any other partition. Choose "Extend System Partition" and then click "Next".

    Extend partition wizard

  3. The following image, we can see, choose "Automatical Mode for extending a partition" or not. Choose it, it means extend system partition will be done with the following partitions adjustment. If not, users can extend system partition manually. So, we choose it and click "Next".

    Extend partition mode

  4. Then, drag the slider as the following do until the new size is adjusted as our expected then click "Next".

    Drag the slider to resize partition

  5. The following Window will let you specify the changes, if it is not correct we can click "Back" to redo. After clicking "Proceed', the changes will be taken effect.

    Changes confirmation

  6. It will take several minutes to finish the operation of cause it also depend on the files' size. When got the following Window, extend system partition is successfully accomplished.

    Successfully extend system partition

Only the 6 steps, it is very simple to understand and operate personally. Actually, when users start doing such jobs, they will find it is really very easy and some steps herein can be ignored. Free download now!

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