How to Extend Data Partition with Server Partition Manager?

How to extend data partition in an easy and safe way on Windows Server 2003/2008? Built-in Extend Partition Wizard in Partition Assistant Server Edition could help you increase data partition size automatically without losing data.

Step1. Launch Partition Assistant Server. Click "Wizard" and select "Extend Partition Wizard"

Main interface of Partition Assistant

Step2. In the pop-up window, there are two methods to extend partition: "Extend system partition" and "Select any partition from any hard disk to extend", select the suitable method then click "Next" (Here we select second method as an example).

Operation Method

Step3. You could choose "Automatical mode for extending partition" or not tick the option. Then click "Next" (here we choose automatic mode)

Step4. You could extend data partition by dragging the slider rightwards, then click "Next"

Extend Data Partition

Note: Through dragging the slider, the partition behind D drive would be shrunk and add free space into data partition automatically.

Step5. You could review how many operations you have done, click "Proceed" to finish the operations.

Proceed Operations

After a few minutes, the operation would be completed safely, then you could find extend data partition is not a high risky work even for a green hand. Now, you could free download Partition Assistant Server Edition and try.

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