How to Delete Partition?

How to delete partition? In traditional method, disk management is a good choose, however, disk management could only work with Windows file system, other kind of file system is invalid.

Delete partition

Step1. Launch Partition Assistant Server, right-click the partition you want to delete (here is drive D), select "Delete"

Delete partition

Step2. In the pop-up window you could choose "Delete Partition" or "Delete and Wipe all Data", select the right method then click "OK"


Note: if you select "delete partition and wipe all data" that means the data could not be recover by other recovery software.

Step3. Finally, click the "Apply" on the tool bar to achieve operation on the physics disk.

"Delete partition" is just one of the basic functions, if you interest in other highlights you could refer to the links below and you could also free download this partition software to experience its magic.

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