How to Delete All Partitions?

Generally, we often need to delete all partitions in one disk on Windows Server Operating Systems for the further repartition, the well known Partition Assistant Server Edition, with this additional function, which also gives users the simplest operating procedures.

  1. Launch Partition Assistant Server, after the welcome interface it will pop up the graphic window which contains the entire disks information as following screenshot shows:

    The main interface information

  2. Delete all partitions, in another words, it means delete disk as well. We right click the Disk1, select "Delete All Partitions" option to continue.

    Delete all partitions

  3. The pop out small window will remind you verify your task, choose "Delete all partitions" means the partitions will be deleted, the second choice means the partitions deleted at the same time, the data will be wiped permanently. Select the expect way then click "OK".

    Verify the change of delete all partitions

Tips: The last step - while clicking "Apply" button on the toolbar, the change about delete all partitions will commit to the real change, so, preview the changes carefully before delete partitions in case of incorrectness. Free Download

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