How to Copy Disk for Data Security?

In order to prevent data loss due to system failure and program error, disk copy is especially a good choice when you need to replace the old smaller disk with a new larger one without installing the Operating System and applications again.

Partition Assistant allows you to transfer operating system to new hard drive and make a data copy 100% identity to original. What's more, when encounter blue screen crash and virus infection, you can still get your deleted or lost files back easily on destination disks with a disk copy operation. Therefore, it is an ideal utility to recover files from a backup disk with data recovery software.

To copy disk, please follow the steps:

Step1: Launch Partition Assistant Server.

Aomei Partition Assistant

Step2: Right-click the disk you want to copy as a source disk and select "Copy".

Select Source Disk

In the pop-up window, choose an appropriate method to copy disk. Then click "OK".

Disk Copy Methods

Step3: Select destination disk. If there is data on disk 3, after clicking "Next", a warning message pop up. You should either click "Yes" to ensure delete all the partitions on the destination hard disk or click "No" to choose another destination hard disk once again. If the destination is an empty disk, you will not receive this warning message.

Select Destination Disk

Step4: Edit disk. You can select "edit partitions on this disk" to resize (shrink or enlarge) partitions on the destination disk as you want, and click "Next".

Edit Disk

Step5. Click "Apply".

Click Apply

Regardless of the operating system, file system and partition scheme, you can create an exact 100% identical copy to the original hard disk with disk copy feature in Partition Assistant, which includes the operating system, applications, vital data and deleted or lost files. Now free download and try!

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