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How to Convert Logical Partition to Primary Partition?

I want to make an active partition on my first hard drive so I can install Windows 7 as a dual boot with Vista. Is there any way to convert a logical partition to primary partition without losing data? The answer is yes. With Partition Magic Software, under MBR disk partition style, a logical partition can be converted to a primary partition with its data protected by using Partition Magic Software. Besides, a primary partition can also be converted to a logical partition.

Convert logical partition to primary without data loss

To convert logical partition to primary partition, you need to make sure the number of primary partitions (include the extended partition) must not exceed 4. Otherwise, the "Convert to Primary" menu item will be greyed out.

1. Choose the right version and install it. Then, launch Partition Magic Software.

Partition Assistant Server

2. Right click on the logical partition within extended partition that you want to convert and select "Advance" - "Convert to Primary".

Convert to Primary

3. In the pop-up window, it will prompt you that the selected partition will be converted from logical to primary. Then, click "OK".

Convert Logical to Primary

4. Click "Apply" on the toolbar to execute the conversion.

Click Apply

With several clicks, you can convert logical partition to primary partition easily and safely. Other than logical to primary feature, Partition Magic Software also allows you to resize and move partition, merge partitions, split partition, allocate free space, copy partition, copy disk, create partition, format partition, delete partition, convert FAT to NTFS on MBR and GPT disk and much more… Free download the trial version and try out.

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