How to Check Partition Error and Bad Sector?

Check partition bad or error sector before manage partition is a very important job. Some times you may find that more and more time is cost on loading or managing partition even though there is only a little data on it. This may caused by there are a large numbers of bad or error sector on it, therefore, check the bad or error sector out is necessary. Select one powerful partition software this work could be finished easily.

Step1. Launch Partition Assistant Server, right-click partition you want to check (here we select drive D) select "Advance=>Check Partition".

Check Partition

Step2. In the pop-up window, you could select "check partition errors by chkdsk.exe" or "check where there are bad sectors", choose the suitable one then click "OK".

Way of Checking Error

Step3. In next window, click "Start" to run the checking.

Checking partition

After that the operation will begin, it may cost a few minutes, this depend on the size of the partition. When the operation finish, you could see the bad sector is showed as "Red" on the map.You could free download this partition software in a few minutes.

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