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Align Partition with Partition Assistant

Align Partition as the new function in Partition Assistant 5.0 which was special designed for SSD and HDD users. With help of this function you could improve the speed of your disk on reading and writing data, especially for SSD.

How to Align Partition?

Choose the right edition and download Partition Magic alternative - Partititon Assitant

Step1. Launch Partition Assistant, on the main console, right-click the partition which you want to align, select "advance"-> "Partition Alignment".

Step2. In the pop-up window, you could set the sector of partition to align.

Tip: for SSD users, we highly recommend align partition in 1024 kb sector.

Then, click "Ok", it will back to main console, click "Apply" on the main interface to commit the operation.


If the partition is alignment already, or if the alignment completely, when you select "Partition Alignment" it will show you as below:

With this partition manager, you can also migrate OS to SSD or HDD with correct partition alignment.

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